Application Process

Thank you for your interest to apply and enrol your child at Oakbridge International School (OIS), Subang Jaya, Malaysia. We welcome you and your family to the Oakbridge community.

The following is the Oakbridge International School Admission Process in four steps:


Schedule an appointment with the school’s principal to get to know the school, environment and curriculum to your child(ren) in their study. Parents/legal guardians are required to fill up the enquiry form given to them at the school premises.


Applicants are scheduled for a diagnostic test. The nature of the diagnostic test varies for different year groups and may require meeting a member of the teachers. The diagnostic test process is designed to ensure that the placement of all children will best meet their educational and personal requirements. The diagnostic test is also designed to help ascertain whether a child would require specific support.

The 3-core subjects to be tested are English, Science and Mathematics. Each subject in the Diagnostic Test will contain 10-questions from each module. The test is given at the current grade and age of the Applicant. The Applicant must sit for Diagnostic Test at the school premises. Should the Applicant pass/fail the Diagnostic Test, a higher/lower grade will be given for testing until the Applicant is at his/her suitable grade level.

Please note that the Diagnostic Test material is private and a property of the School. Parents are not entitled to view or obtain copies to or after the child’s assessment.


If the application is successful, an offer of place will be made and an official acceptance letter will be provided by the school. To fully enrol your child at OIS, full payment of the following fees should be made prior to commencement.

  • Security Deposit
  • Student School Fees
  • Other fees/charges applicable (if any)


Upon receiving full payment, the School will communicate the start date of your child. The School will provide details for their first day at the school.