‘Educating your child with 21st Century Competency’

The SuperAnt Play Academy is a life-impacting Early Childhood Education collaborative programme using an Award-Winning Publication and Achieve 300s .


Ants are extraordinary creatures. For a short start, these micro-creatures averaging from 1 to 5 mg in weight are able to lift and carry objects more than three times their weight! Observing an ant reveals many imitable qualities-hardworking, industrious, organised, prudent, competent and dependable team-player . Imagine these qualities instilled in your child at a fundamentally crucial age!


The programme provides smooth and positive transition to life-long learning also draws its inspiration from the ant colony. Our close-knitted classrooms are built to create an ideal, safe and conductive environment for children aged four to six to learn and develop. In here relationships are developed upon trust, responsibilities and friendships in the presence of trained facilitators, focused in nurturing and unlocking each child’s potential.

ANT-ASTIC Features